GMRE Receives Top DSS Security Rating




(Ogden, Utah) March 12, 2021 – Gauss Management Research & Engineering (GMRE Inc.) for the second consecutive year, received a “Superior” rating during it’s 2018 Defense Security Service (DSS) audit. The DSS audit consisted of a thorough review of all aspects of GMRE’s security posture and determined that it not only meets National Industrial Security Program (NISP) standards, but far exceeds them.

According to DSS, a “Superior” rating is reserved for contractors that consistently and fully implement the requirements of the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) in an effective fashion, resulting in a superior security posture compared with other contractors of similar size and complexity. The facility must have documented procedures that heighten security awareness of employees and foster cooperation within the security community. Fewer than 4 percent of approximately 13,500 facilities that DSS oversees receive a Superior rating.

“As we move forward, maintaining a security focused operation and a Superior rated security program that protects our Nation’s technology and information is a top priority of GMRE.” says GMRE Inc. Chief Engineer Paul “Chief” McGeorge. 

About GMRE Inc.

GMRE Inc. is a trusted veteran-owned small business providing US and international customers with high-value engineering, management, and flying solutions. We demand cost effective solutions through innovation, a streamlined corporate structure, effective teaming and diverse contract methods and leverage a unique combination of skill, experience, and political support. We seeks to continue a tradition of excellence as defense technologies emerge, customer needs develop and the market changes We understand your requirement… and we are uniquely qualified to exceed your expectations. For more information, visit

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