Andrea Westerhof promoted to Chief Engineer




Andrea Westerhof

GMRE Chief Engineer

From the entire GMRE team, a special congratulations to Andrea Westerhof on her promotion to Chief Engineer. Andrea has been with GMRE for nearly 14 years in several roles and various departments. Her education in Electrical Engineering, coupled with her MBA, has enabled her to successfully transition within Engineering, QA, Program Management, and Business Development (BD) departments.

Prior to GMRE, Andrea had extensive experience with the Navy, DoD, and Rockwell Collins. While in the Navy, she was a Naval Flight Officer (NFO) and Admiral’s Aide before transitioning to the DoD as a Watch Floor Officer for the Office of the Secretary of Defense. She focused on Program Management while at Rockwell Collins before GMRE was lucky enough to snag her away.

Andrea’s career at GMRE started in F-16 Operational Safety, Suitability & Effectiveness (OSS&E) and transitioned to T-38 OSS&E as an A&AS employee. From there, she went to Systems Engineering, QA and Program Management at GMRE headquarters in Ogden, Utah. After a brief stint helping with technical proposals in BD, she headed back to Engineering as a Systems Engineer and has stayed with Engineering performing various roles within the department. 

“Andrea has long been an asset to our company, her technical prowess and engineering rigor will continue to advance GMRE’s engineering capabilities and support our company as it continues to grow.”

– Paul “Chief” McGeorge, GMRE VP of Production and Manufacturing

In her off time, Andrea enjoys traveling, trying new foods, and spending time doing anything outside including hiking, skiing, snorkeling, etc.

Congratulations Andrea from the GMRE team!

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