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Congrats to Jerry “Brit” Hendrix on celebrating his 10-year anniversary with GMRE! He has been a tremendous asset to the GMRE team since 2012 and is currently leading the KC-135 effort at Tinker Air Force Base.

Prior to GMRE, Brit was an USAF aircraft maintenance professional, specifically in the aircraft structures and fabrication areas. He served for 23 years on active duty and worked across a spectrum of USAF aircraft including: KC-135s, F-4Ds, C-141s, C-5s, F-15C and Ds and E-3s. 

Brit was recruited to GMRE ten years ago because he was a key figure in the DMSMS (diminishing manufacturing sources and material shortages) program on the aircraft being maintained by OC-ALC. GMRE recognized his success and ability to lead the effort and reached out with a formal offer to join the GMRE family.

Back in 2012, GMRE was an extremely small business, and everyone wore lots of hats. Brit remembers those early days saying, “I enjoyed the close-knit community of GMRE that was always looking for better and more innovative ways to serve our customers. I have watched GMRE grow and mature in the business and have enjoyed playing my part in making the company what it has become and helping to grow GMRE into the company that will serve the warfighter in the future.”

Personally, Brit has been married to the love of his life, Suzi, for almost 30 years and is looking forward to being retired so they can spend more time doing what she likes to do. Brit is an avid golfer and loves to trout fish in his spare time. Him and his wife are active in their local church and he also serves as a Bible Study teacher for adults.

Congrats on 10 years Brit! The GMRE team is proud to have you on our team and looks forward to many years ahead, no retirement just yet 😉


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