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GMRE’s corporate Engineering team consists of 21 team members supporting 7 different contracts. The COVID-19 pandemic introduced remote work to the engineering team with over 30% of the team now remote. Since launching a hybrid team, the engineering team has been able to recruit top talent with a range of experience from entry level to experts, with over 40 years of experience. This new, more diversified team has created new mentorships and increased innovation by fostering creative ideas and new perspectives.

So what’s it really like to be a GMRE Engineer?

Every day the team starts with a daily stand-up to discuss tasks, topics, and potential roadblocks ahead. This ensures all team members are connected, progress is being made and deadlines are being met. It also fosters team collaboration to help each other solve any potential issues and challenges the teams to continue growing and thinking progressively. They also work cross functionally with Finance, IT, Business Development, Security and more to meet and exceed all customer expectations and requests.

Being a part of the GMRE team is challenging, rewarding and fun! With nearly 300% growth in the last year and a half, the Engineering team has built a solid foundation through open communication that helps manage change while continuing to deliver high-end, on-time customer solutions. We can’t wait to see what’s next for the GMRE Engineering Team!

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About GMRE

GMRE is a Veteran-Owned Small Business that provides high quality engineering, technical services, integration & sustainment, and production to help our customers grow and succeed. With over 17 years’ experience, we are a trusted defense business partner that provides guaranteed results for mission success. Guided by our core values: commitment, results & trust; we offer innovative, cost-effective solutions that provide value where it’s needed the most.

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