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Finance? Accounting? That sounds boring, or does it?! With a small team of 4 amazing women, supporting 12 total contracts, making sure GMRE adheres to all industry standards while also efficiently running a business; a day in life of the finance team is exciting, complicated, and non-stop. With over 20+ years of experience in both finance and the defense industry, the team has a tremendous amount of experience that helps balance projects and roles.

Keeping up with the quick growth of GMRE is a primary focus for the finance team, always working to improve processes every day. Over the next year, they will be revamping reporting, purchasing processes and much more.

“My team and I are very excited for this project, it is going to be a lot of work, but we feel supported by the GMRE Executive Team. We collaborate every Monday to ensure we are on track. It’s an exciting time with great things to come.

Jennifer Nabor, Financial Controller

Finance and accounting are involved in all aspects of the GMRE business and communicate with almost everyone at GMRE daily. Jenn continued, “One of our key values is being a supportive value-added help to all of GMRE operations, our internal customers (fellow employees) and external customers. We are trainers, fixers, number crunchers, financial data providers, and most importantly we are here to help GMRE succeed.”

So, maybe finance isn’t so boring?! Especially not with the stellar team at GMRE! 

About GMRE

GMRE is a Veteran-Owned Small Business that provides high quality engineering, technical services, integration & sustainment, and production to help our customers grow and succeed. With over 17 years’ experience, we are a trusted defense business partner that provides guaranteed results for mission success. Guided by our core values: commitment, results & trust; we offer innovative, cost-effective solutions that provide value where it’s needed the most.

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