Legacy Aircraft Modernization

GMRE is a leading provider of aviation systems engineering and technology integration services. We have worked with customers across the DoD and the commercial sector to deliver tomorrows technology and capability today, with a focus on cost efficiencies and operational effectiveness. Our experience includes the integration of SATCOM/SLOS/BLOS radios, tactical data links, advanced targeting pods and mission sensors, onboard mission management systems, and modern cockpit displays. We have experience with a wide variety of military aircraft including the A-10, C-130, F-15, F-16, HH-60, KC-10, KC-135, RC-26, MC-12, OV-10, T-38, A-4, F-4, F-5, and F/A-18.

GMRE recognizes that our customers can no longer afford the “gold plated” solutions, traditionally delivered by a conventional acquisition process, which are commonly over-budget and years behind schedule. GMRE brings cost effective solutions through highly efficient business practices, technical innovation, strategic teaming, and diverse contract methods. GMRE is uniquely qualified to understand your requirements and exceed your expectations.



GMRE has a long company history of supporting the DoD in the sustainment and modernization of their legacy fighters and attack aircraft. We have extensive experience working F-16 software and hardware upgrades including the Center Display Unit (CDU), ARC-210 radio upgrades, design of a new MIL-STD-1553 data bus, A-10 Covert/Overt Landing Light (COLA), and F-15 Vertical Situational Display Upgrade (VSD-U). GMRE’s support for DoD fighter and attack aircraft runs the gamut from cradle to grave including: systems engineering and technology integration, acquisition and life cycle management, configuration management, logistics, program management, and studies an analysis.


GMRE supports modernization and sustainment efforts for the Mobility Air Forces fleet. We provide engineering, integration, program management, subject matter expertise (SME) and flight test support services to upgrade C-130, KC-135, C-5 and C-17 aircraft. GMRE supports the Real Time Information in the Cockpit (RTIC) and Tactical Airlift Mission Software Suite (TAMSS) programs with management, engineering expertise, and academic instruction. We designed and engineered integration of the Northrop Grumman AN/AAQ-28 Litening pod onto the C-130H for Single Pass Precision Airdrop. We also serve as lead integrator for the Airborne Integrated Electronic Combat System (AIECS). GMRE’s efforts help provide mobility aircrews with situational awareness and improved airdrop accuracy.



GMRE has supported Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) for over a decade, helping bring much needed capabilities and resources to this sacred mission. GMRE provides integration and engineering support to upgrade HH-60G and HC-130 aircraft with modern technologies. The Smart Multi-Function Color Display (SMFCD) for the HH-60G brought a substantial increase in situational awareness for the aircrews. The Personnel Recovery Situational Awareness (PRSA) Suite takes the HH-60G and HC-130 to the next level with line-of-sight and beyond line-of-sight tactical data links. The pilots and flight engineers GMRE provides to the HH-60G squadrons perform functional check flights, acceptance test flights and other checks for squadrons, ensuring maximum aircraft for operational readiness. Additionally, GMRE continues to perform case studies, helping define the future for CSAR.