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The GMRE team at Patrick Space Force base, supporting the SACU program, may be small but they’re doing big work. Currently consisting of 4 technicians, the team is led by Zachary Taylor, who has been with GMRE for over 10 years.

Zachary Taylor

Pictured left, front

A typical day for the team means arriving 3 hours prior to take off, along with the aircrew, to begin gathering information for the upcoming mission. Primarily interacting with the Combat Systems Officers, the team confirms they are getting the appropriate information to set up the proper requirements and standards before loading the SACU equipment on to the aircraft. Once the crew takes off, the team continues to support from the operations desk until the aircraft lands. Upon arrival, the team reviews how the system operated and provides additional feedback for potential improvements. The GMRE team partners closely with the squadron, working as an extended member of the team, even through deployments.

Patrick Space Force Base Team

The team has a diverse background with techs coming from various roles within the Navy, Army and Air Force. From a former Navy and Army aircraft electrician to a current Combat Systems Officer, all of the individual teams skill sets collide together to accomplish each task and mission both efficiently and effectively. It also lends to more out of the box creative thinking and trying new approaches to providing a product that is both what is needed for the mission and one that is easy to use and operate.

All in all, the GMRE team at Patrick Space Force Base is doing great work for the SACU team and we’re proud to have them be a part of the GMRE family.

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